Coconut is one of the main ingredients of my life, and thus a part of the big scheme of things in my life, for instance one of the many reasons I chose to be a beach bump and decided to take the narrow road to dream and live forever in paradise. Today i can really say all dreams come true as I am living my dream by far, and harvesting coconuts in my beach place all year long, with the help of lovely friends I choose the best of the best juicer coconuts in my harvest and handpressed them myself, thus the reason I dont sell bulk only like a precious essence which it is because I do it consioussly and with lots of dedication, also as is fresh it always has the best qualities as batches are small and I prepare 1 liter per day, part of this i use on my magic salves and body and lip butters for Food for the skin, and I only use edible materials, Enjoy the best of nature and buy fair trade products like this one, this supports local communities and we can build a better world for everyone, Thanks for stopping By, My Best Tania.

P.S. I will use this blog to keep you posted on the marvellous amazing thousand uses of coconut oil and about new creations in our BodyShop.

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