I cannot stress enough the marvellous properties of activated charcoal The Coconut House – Tulum is happy to introduce our new Black Magic Salve in an easy to use tube presentation a must have in you home first aid.

You can apply it to wounds and insect itches on kids and adults is an excelent vemon drawing salve, you will just love te mix of mint, rosemary and lemon essential oils on this balm made from activated charcoal, magnesium salts and infused oil of arnica flowers. Our special introductory offer includes TWO TUBES OF BLACK MAGIC for the price of one, You can buy at our ETSY Shop or at our Ebay front. Ask for free samples after sharing our posts on Facebook and leaving your adress for shipping in the comment box, the first 20 likes and shares everyday of this week! for you to be able to try our FOOD FOR THE SKIN, and become our fan!

Hope to hear from you soon!

Tania Mingramm

Activated Charcoal Coconut Milk Soaps

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Activated Charcoal easy 2 use tube
Black Magic Salve
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