‪#‎moldkills‬ ‪#‎fungiout‬ Many people are sick of mold without knowing. it is interesting that the Bible has been warning the people of Israel to remove fungi from their presence for over 3500 years.
Leviticus 13:50-52 The priest is to examine the mildew (fungi) and isolate the affected article for seven days. On the seventh day he is to examine it, and if the mildew has spread in the clothing, or the woven or knitted material, or the leather, whatever its use, it is a destructive mildew; the article is unclean. He must burn up the clothing, or the woven or knitted material of wool or linen, or any leather article that has the contamination in it, because the mildew is destructive; the article must be burned up. (New International Version)
God realizes that mildew or fungi can be destructive and must be dealt with in an appropriate manner. More about infectious diseases, leprosy, rashes, mildew, fungus and mold in the Bible can be read in Leviticus 13 & 14.The King James and older versions of the Bible translate the Hebrew word tsara’ath and the Greek word lepra as “leprosy” which is too narrow a translation to present the true content of the applicable Bible verses as shown below. The accurate translation of the words tsara’ath and lepra actually include a wide variety of diseases that cause sores or eruptions on the skin, of which leprosy is only one. The Hebrew word tsara’ath is used as mildew on clothing in Leviticus 13:47-59 and mildew/fungus/mold in houses in Leviticus 14:33-54, with the New International Version of the Bible the most accurate in translation of the words broader meanings. Symptoms Of Mold Sickness, Symptoms of Mold Exposure, Mold Symptoms
Mold Eye InfectionMold Headaches Mold Infection Low Grade FeverOral Mold Growth Fuzzy Tongue
Swollen and Irritated Eyes Constant Headache Unexplained Low Grade Fever Discoloration of the Tongue

The Many Symptoms of Mold Sickness
And Symptoms of Mold Exposure

If you have Abnormal Levels of Mold in Your Body you need to Know About It

Once You Know What’s Making You Sick Getting Well is the Easy Part

Mold Exposure and the Common Misdiagnoses

Have you been diagnosed with:

Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Emphysema, Chronic Lung and Sinus Infections, Fatigue Syndrome or feel sick and there simply is no diagnosis?

Mold Exposure is perhaps the single most misdiagnosed illness in the United States. Some physicians will even tell you Mold illness can not be diagnosed, or there is no such thing. If you have been given the same or similar information, it may be time for you to get a new Doctor.

The Reasons are Simple

When you walk into your local doctors office they treat you, and the symptoms you brought with you into their office. Mold is an environmental issue. Unless you are seeing an Environmental Toxicologist most doctors do not understand that the actual place where you live, work, or where you are spending most of your time can be the cause of your illness. When you remove yourself from that environment you may feel better. Many times we describe our symptoms to the doctor as “it comes and goes”. The fact is it did not come and go, you came and went. The average family physician is not trained in environmental sciences or related illnesses, a tragic result from their lack of experience can be your misdiagnoses.

Common Mold Exposure Misdiagnoses


Doctors don’t know what causes fibromyalgia. Current thinking centers around a theory called “Central Sensitization”. This theory has to do with sensitivity to pain and brain signals. Other thoughts concerning the causation of fibromyalgia are:

Sleep disturbances, Injury, Infection, Abnormalities of the autonomic (sympathetic) nervous system and Changes in muscle metabolism.

The symptoms of Mold Exposure are the mirror images reflecting the symptoms of fibromyalgia. Many people misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia have found relief when treated for Mold Exposure.

Asthma & Emphysema

With no warning, suddenly some people are diagnosed with Asthma. Why they have it, where it came from, and why inflicted so suddenly, no one knows.

What happens in Emphysema and Asthma?

An inflammation or spastic closure of airways. Sometimes destroying the fragile walls of the lungs the air sacs. As a result. the bronchioles collapse, and the air becomes trapped in the airs sacs over stretching them and interfering with your ability to exhale or inhale.

Many physicians are still in the dark ages regarding respiratory fungal infections. Many still believe only the elderly or immuno compromised people with AIDS and ARC can get fungal infections. This seemed to be the standard thought fifteen years ago, today research has shown differently. The fact is that Mold is a living organism and that when introduced into the human body through ingestion or inhalation easily incubates and grows within the human body. People who have been diagnosed with both Asthma and Emphysema have reported to have fully recovered after being treated for Mold exposure.

Mold Exposure the Facts

Exposure to Mold can and does affect people differently. Mold can enter into the human body through several different pathways. People are exposed to Mold by eating contaminated foods; mold spores can enter into a person’s sinuses and lungs through normal respiration or breathing in Mold contaminated buildings. People who have smoked hand rolled cigars and marijuana that was Mold contaminated have reported contracting respiratory fungal infections. Human hands touching Mold contaminated surfaces and then touching other body parts, i.e. eyes, lips, nose etc… are documented as the direct cause of blindness and other Mold related infections.

While the long term health effects of Mold remain a topic of debate the fact remains that Mold creates allergic reactions within the human body. These allergic reactions are somewhat minimized by some defense lawyers. However, the fact remains allergies can be deadly as many people whom are allergic to bee stings die each year. Adults and children with food allergies die each year or become seriously ill. By multiple manufacturers advertising “Hypoallergenic” products, this alone is overwhelming evidence of the National concerns regarding serious allergic reactions by the human body when exposed to certain substances.

Mold / fungal exposure and exposure to their secondary metabolites “Mycotoxins” and “Beta Glucans” can cause disease within the human body. The adverse health effects caused by these “Mold Fine and Ultra-fine Particulates” can be devastating to the human body.

Level – I Common Symptoms of Mold Exposure

The most commonly reported symptoms of short term mold exposure:

Itching Skin
Redness and skin irritation
Watery Eyes
Itching Eyes
Level – II Advanced Symptoms of Mold Exposure

The following symptoms of mold exposure have been reported generally as a result from persons being in a mold contaminated environment on and off for an extended period of time. Symptoms are reported to have become more severe and longer lasting directly in proportion to the length of exposure time. Their reported symptoms are as follows:

Constant Headaches
Nose Bleeds
Feelings of Constant Fatigue
Breathing Disorders
Coughing up Blood or Black looking Debris
Loss of Appetite
Weight Loss
Hair loss
Skin Rashes
Open Sores on the Skin
Memory Loss “Short Term”
Neurological & Nervous Disorders
Sexual Dysfunction
Swollen Glands in the Neck Area and under the Armpit
Sudden Asthma Attacks or Breathing Disorders
Ear Infections and Pain
Chronic Sinus Infections
Chronic Bronchitis
Pain in the Joints and Muscles
While it seems Mold can cause many symptoms one must remember that there are thousands of species of Mold. Different species of Mold can have a wide variety of reactions within different people.

Level – III Late Symptoms of Mold Exposure

The following Mold exposure symptoms are the most severe and are attributed to high levels of exposure:

Brain Damage
Memory Loss “Long term”
Bleeding Lungs

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