The Coconut House Tulum

The street in front of my house my dogs one besides each side, Gordo to the right and rasta to the left.

My Coconut Dream

Since I was a child, I always wanted to live in the beach and extract coconut oil and so it is today, my company is based on the coconut oil I extract in my house in Tulum, Mexico. Really I can truly say, dreams come true, I always focused on learning healing from mother earth and as a natural born artist I also did art candles for a long time along with teas and herbal remedies and soaps for everyone around me, all for love, financially I have always have had the backup of selling real estate and make a decent living, but lately I wrote a book about detoxing the cells, named #RegeneracionCelularEnCasa, soon will be translated into english, also I´ve been refeeding the body to good health basically I love to help other feels good, I believe life is to express the best of your self, and mostly God, health and herbs and natural skin care do that, heal and keep people younger for longer.